Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Creative space

When I first started writing, I sat in our office (AKA second bedroom), in the afternoons on the weekend, looking out across rooftops and powerlines to the Santa Cruz mountains, about 10 miles to the west. During the summer it was stifling, but I loved the bright, warm light. As my writing habits changed, I found that I preferred writing in the morning, when my brain is most awake and I'm most productive (curses to that, by the way, but it is what it is). The office is gloomy and cold in the morning, so starting with NaNo in 2005, I moved the operations to our kitchen table, where there's a big window and sliding glass door facing the east. The view isn't all that - just the other buildings in our complex, some nice green grassy areas. But off to the side, there's a tremendous weeping willow - it's got to be 40 years old - and I watch the sun rise behind the willow every morning. It's really spectacular. Of course, this also means we haven't eaten at our kitchen table in over a year, excepting Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When I want to write in my journal, I have to do it sitting in bed, and when I want to paint I have to do it sitting at the coffee table in the family room. Coloring in my mandala coloring book? That can be just about anywhere.

So, on the right, there's a pile of books, photocopies, and my notebook with all of my character sketches and arcs, the story chronology, notes, etc. The basket was my "NaNo survival kit" for 2005 and it's just stuck. It's got CDs, another story idea notebook, the CWC bulletin for this month, my writing scarf (shut up), and lots and lots of gum.

Over on the left, I've got a Ganesh figurine and candle (got to unblock those blocks!), a wee bottle of BPAL Polyhymnia for when I need a little inspiration, and my ZenaMoon candle for writing.

And of course, on the chair, Pandora.

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So, what about you? Have you created a space in your house dedicated to creating - writing, knitting, beading, painting, etc.?

And in shameless fangirl news: my favorite actor, Christopher Eccleston, is going to be in a movie adaptation of The Dark Is Rising. The books have been rec'd to me a million times...I guess it's time I actually pick them up from the library.

Was feeling rather random this morning in the creation of today's tidbits...

megalonisus: a tendency to exaggerate

Myths, symbols, and folklore:
poplar: "Because its foliage trembles at the least breath of air, it is a symbol of pain and lamentation. The Greeks regarded it as a tree growing in the underworld, and in that connection it symbolizes the laments of the dead."


  1. it's so important to have a space of our own to create. i loved seeing a picture of where you write and of course, your pretty kitty pandora!!

    i'm also loving your bits about myths. the symbolism behind different objects and animals is so fascinating.

  2. I've realized how crucial it is to the whole process, almost a ritual, to have a place to go to. I mean, writing on planes and in coffee shops in a pinch is good, but having my spot is so important.

    I'm glad you're liking the info on myths! By the way, I loved your watercolor crayon drawing of the woman with the stars last week - so gorgeous!