Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I was going to write about the different flavors of frustration when getting rejections on queries, partials, and full reads. But then, I thought, that's just negative energy and not at all useful. As I always say, onwards and upwards. Rejections are a good reminder that the point of all of this is writing and creating, so that's what I shall do this morning. :D

hypoyposis: an unusually vivid description


  1. Well, that's positive.

    I tend to get very cranky, emotional, weepy, enervated, unruly, angry, frustrated, despairing or all of the above, when I get rejections.

  2. Oh, trust me - I hate it. It sucks mightily, but I can't dwell on it anymore. You know?

  3. memskin1:15 PM

    I had a dweeb of a sales boss once that always used to say, "Get through the no's to get to the yes's". It was one of the few golden nuggets I got from the guy. Sales work is rejection every day of the week, but his little expression has been useful to remember during those dark moments.

  4. A great reminder. I've said that myself...it's sometimes hard to remember when it first comes in but, yeah.