Friday, January 26, 2007

If you're a visual artist, do you also write? If you're an incredible cook, do you also draw? If you write, do you also sew/knit? Is historical research a form of creativity?

I'm so fascinated by the ways people are creative. I write, but I'm also a pretty mean baker (though hopeless as a cook). I can't draw (but love to doodle) but I love getting out my wee oil paint set and playing with color. It would be interesting to see if there's a trend: writers are more likely also sew and draw, for example. Or painters are more likely to be amazing cooks, that sort of thing. Nothing scientific, just "directional trending" as I might say in my day job. :D

So, what about you?

And, for the record, today's word-hoard and myth/symbol/folklore entry are completely's entirely too early to be clever :)

quiritation: a cry for help

Myths, symbols, and folklore
Gorgons "In Greek mythology they are three sisters, Euryale, Stheno, and Medusa, who are ugly monsters, the sight of whom turns the viewer to stone. They are represented with serpents in their hair or on their girdles and are often winged. They are frequently interpreted as symbolic embodiments of the horrific aspect of the numinous. When spoken of in the singular, the Gorgon usually refers to Medusa, the mortal among the three sisters, whom Perseus decapitated. In later times she was often depicted as young and beautiful."

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  1. i think anyone who is creative is naturally curious and interested in a multitude of things. so, yes, i make art, but i also enjoy writing (mainly very amature poems and journaling)and taking photographs among many other things. i wouldn't say i'm an amazing cook by a long shot, in fact anything that has to be too precise is usually lost on me. :-)