Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank you Richard Amyx of South Bay Writers (our chapter of the California Writer's Club)! This kindly gentleman has taken the time to put together an up-to-date, annotated list of literary journals. He includes submission guidelines and comments on the journal in question.

A Submission Guide to Little Magazines (Literary)

According to the site, the list was originally pulled together for a graduate class, and he's taken it and expanded it. The criterion for inclusion is the magazine has published at least one story that was awarded a Pushcart Prize. "In other words, the magazine demonstrates sound editorial judgment."

Super useful, but again I have to wonder: why all the genre hating? Certainly it's the prerogative of these journals to publish what they are interested in and think is good writing – but there's so much good writing in "genre" and cross-genre books and stories as well.

Anyone have recs for good/interesting journals in the fantasy/mythic/magical realism realm? How about for historical? I quite enjoy Solander from the Historical Novel Society. Any others?

poecilonymy: the use of several names for one thing

Myths, symbols, and folklore
Because they're blooming here right now: almond tree: "Because it blossoms in January in Mediterranean lands, it became a symbol of alertness (because it 'awakes' so early) and rebirth." (Herder)

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