Tuesday, March 20, 2007

dolorifuge: something that relieves sadness

Happy (almost) spring! While spring came to NorCal in mid-February with the first blooming of the plum trees (as it always does), I still enjoy marking the first day of spring. The Japanese cherry outside our bedroom window is starting to push out its pink buds, the acacia outside the dining room window is greening like crazy, and we're due for cool weather and rain today. A perfect spring day!

It's a day to clean your house - physical, emotional, spiritual. Throw open those windows, clear out those mental cobwebs, toss out that which no longer serves you spiritually.

Check out this site - a great place to learn how the coming of Spring is celebrated, and has been celebrated, around the world.

A link in the EndicottBlog this weekend reacquainted me with Thalia Took, who creates gorgeous mythical art. She created the image below, of Eostre, the Teutonic goddess of Spring and the Full Moon.

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  1. hooray for spring! it definitely doesn't feel like it here, but thursday is supposed to be just gorgeous, the birds have definitely arrived, and the sun is here longer. it's lovely.