Monday, April 30, 2007

Since Bernard Cornwell is the opening keynote for the Historical Novel Society conference in June, I figured I had better read one or two of his books. I picked up The Archer's Tale, but despite the very enticing timeframe, it was just too gory. I do love me some gore now and again, but I suppose I wasn't in the right mood. I returned it to the library yesterday and picked up Sharpe's Trafalgar, which I'm quite enjoying. It's like Patrick O'Brian lite, and I've become quite the sucker for the Napoleonic nautical tale. I suppose I should pick up one or two of the Hornblower books for grins as well, but nothing will ever compare to O'Brian. I think he must have time traveled, because he renders that world so realistically and I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times more, his characterization of Jack and Stephen, and their relationship over 20 years (and 20+ books) is crystalline. Pitch perfect.

Diana Gabaldon is another featured author at the conference, but I can't get my hands on the first Outlander for love or money (it's always checked out!) so if any of you have non-Outlaner suggestions for Diana Gabaldon, that would be fantastic.

Getting really excited about the HNS conference program. It's less about "OMG you need to get an agent and let me show you how!!!!" and more about actual craft.


  1. Have fun at HNS! Look forward to hearing how it goes.

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