Friday, May 11, 2007

(Hall): "the maze at Knossos in which the Minotaur, the monster slain by Theseus, was confined. Its pattern varies."

(Herder): "originally it was the designation for the palace built by Daedalus on Crete for King Minos's confinement of the Minotaur. It had numerous passages and intricate mazes. Ultimately it came to refer to all mazes in architecture and art; Passage through a maze or labyrinth was sometimes a part of initiation rites,

symbolizing both the discovery of the hidden, spiritual center and the ascent from darkness to light; in many old churches, labyrinths represented on the floor symbolize human life with all its tests, difficulties, and detours; the center symbolizes the expectation of salvation in the shape of the Heavenly Jerusalem"

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