Thursday, July 05, 2007

100th post, woo!

To show that I'm nothing if not feature-rich, value-added, and other marketing type words (which are my daily stock in trade, you see), I give you a twofer!

grammatolatry: worship of letters or words

Myths, folklore & symbolism
cypress: "regarded by many peoples as a sacred tree, it is a long-lived evergreen plant symbolizing, like all conifers, long life and immortality. In antiquity it was regarded as a symbol of death because after being cut down, it does not grow back; hence it was associated with Pluto and the realm of the underworld. In China the seed of the cypress was associated with the yang principle; eating the seed was supposed to grant long life." (Herder)

I am no artist - by any stretch of the imagination - but I do tend to doodle a lot. And generally speaking, it's always the same doodles: a spiral, a 3-D box, and a church in front of tall brown mountains with two or three tall, lanky cypress trees off to the side. I've even "painted" (I use the word advisedly) this scene a few times. I have no idea where this church is (I'm guessing Tuscany) but I can't seem to stop sketching it. Very odd.

listening to: "O Madalena Che Portasti" by Joglaresa with Belinda Sykes

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  1. For a second -- just for a second, mind you -- I thought the word of the day was "word whore." Which actually is not bad, is it?