Sunday, July 29, 2007

Myths, symbols & folklore
Leopard: "It is a symbol of wildness, aggression, battle, and pride. In China the leopard was considered a lunar animal, in contrast to the solar lion. In African myths, it is associated with the light of the morning sun. In antiquity the leopard was an attribute of Artemis and Dionysus; it symbolized strength and fertility, and in this sense it also played a role in the Dionysus (or Bacchus) cult. Because of its wild leaping it was compared with the maenads." (Herder)

Listening to: San Jose Grand Prix on TV

Back from a lovely, if too short, trip up to the Russian River wine road. There are benefits to living in the Bay Area - some of the best wine in the world is grown only a few hours north of here. It's going to be a kooky busy week at work, so hopefully I'll have time to check in here a couple of times.

Nearly done with the short story that was supposed to be 5,000 words and is now almost 20,000. Enjoying the hell out of writing it, though it looks like there's some serious editing to be done. A couple of different dreams this morning have inspired two more story ideas...I have more story ideas than I have time, which I suppose is a good problem to have. I like my job and I'm grateful for it, but I really wish I could write full time. Someday soon!

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