Wednesday, July 11, 2007

limn: to depict by drawing, painting, describing in words

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O quam glorifica - Anonymous 4

Not much really to report. Working on a short story that's growing into a novella. The story and characters amuse me greatly, so I'm going with it, wherever they take me - despite the 2 short stories that are still awaiting editing and the 3rd novel which is 1/3 done and stalled. I guess you have to go where your brain takes you, eh?

I need to get the first draft of this story done by August, so I can start thinking seriously about NaNo. I was considering using the time to finish the 3rd novel but since it's set in Norway in 1905, and my husband and I are going back to Norway next summer (this time with my dad), which gives me the opportunity to do some more in-person research, I'll probably do a different story. I've got the ever-growing list of stories to write in my notebook, so I'll play with those and see what sticks. Or maybe none of them - maybe another story will invade my brain like the one I'm working on.

Darn day job that pays the bills! I need more time to write!

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