Friday, September 21, 2007

Back from San Diego, and glad to be home. I really like San Diego, but I never actually got to see it - we spent 4 full days inside a hotel in La Jolla, doing that putting-on-a-big-conference thing. Came home to a sick husband, a cat who sprained her tail (don't ask), and a list of chores longer than my arm. So. Today, it's about links, and not, you know, actual content.

How the Little Rabbi Grew is a short over at Strange Horizons, and is weirdly perfect. Definitely worth taking a few minutes to read. The concept is interesting and I love the cadences in it.

Sarah's Reading the Past blog is always interesting. She linked to this amusing site the other day: LOL Fantasy Book Covers. The dred pirate smurfette is a particular favorite.

The Patrick O'Brian Mapping Project is an amazing site. Want to know the exact routes Jack and Stephen took in Post Captain? Want to know exactly where Jack got into trouble on shore? Where Stephen's modest castle in Catalonia can be found? If so, this lovingly detailed site is your crack, I promise.

Finally, SF Scope is a news aggregator for the latest news in the Speculative Fiction world.

Edited to add: Via BoingBoing, The Guardian's feature on writer's rooms is fascinating. Must be nice to have a room entirely dedicated to writing in your house. Hell, it must be nice to have a house.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the info on that castle in catalonia, great stuff.