Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNo writing set up

OK, here's my writing set up for NaNo:

It's pretty much exactly the same as my day to day writing set up, with one crucial difference: my lucky red NaNo coffee mug. Oh, and the Comfy Chair has not yet been rolled out of the office into the dining room.

On the right is my basket-o-crap with books, gum, a little BPAL Polyhymnia to inspire, and my Big Notebook of Doom that has family trees, word count goals, etc. On the left is my Ganesh and my Zena Moon candle for writing.

In the middle of course is my crappy little Dell Inspiron 700m. I got it a few years ago because I liked how light and small it is. It's been a good computer overall, just so. damn. small. The goal for next year's NaNo is to have a new laptop.

So. What does your writing area look like? How do you get geared up for doing NaNo (or writing in general) - what are your superstitions and quirks? I must have both chai and cocoa/coffee, and I must have Extra cool watermelon gum. If I don't chew gum, I end up snacking, and that way lies disaster.


  1. Julie - my usual writing spot is my side of the bed, laptop on my lap. Either that, or on the floor. I'm going to try this year to write in my "computer room", and if I do I'll take a picture of that.

    Funny you should mention superstitions. I was just this morning thinking about a post on my writing superstitions, along the lines of some of the ones hockey players have, like "wear the same pair of underwear for the whole month, or whatever." I'll post that sometime and link to this post of yours as well.

  2. yay spam! I think I've got my desk ready to go; I just have to transfer my roboarm supplies from my bedside table to my writing desk. :D

    I find I don't snack much, not even candy - it distracts me. I do always have a beverage, though. It's almost always tea of some sort. And I have to have my trio of good luck charms: red glass vase, tiny jar of sand, miniature Buddha. I might post, but my gallery's inactive since I stopped paying for my account.

  3. Very nice... On the wall, what is that a map of? (Of what is that on the wall a map?)

  4. Struggling - Can't wait to hear about your superstitions!! Love it.

    Heather - Please to be spamming me with writing room pics :) Photobucket's free, yanno.

    Dan - It's a reproduction map of 18c Paris, which we bought after we got back from France in 2002. It reminds me of our great trip every time I look at it!

  5. Pretty. It looks very calming. (And I agree with Heather - snacks would just distract me.)