Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paradox magazine, lavender

The Paradox Magazine website has been redesigned, and it's looking good! Plus, the new issue is out now...can't wait to get my copy. Paradox is "The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction," which is of course right up my alley!

Myths, folklore & symbolism
lavender: A very spicy, fragrant, inconspicuous blossoming labiate flower of the Mediterranean regions, it has been used since antiquity for bathing, washing, and medicinal purposes. In the Middle Ages, it sometimes referred symbolically to the virtues of Mary. (Herder)


  1. thanks for the link. That's a very cool site and up my alley too!

  2. Oh, right on! Always glad to spread the interstitial/doesn't really fit in any category/cross-genre love!