Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beech tree

First of all: I buckled down late this afternoon and got 1430 words done for NaNo. Not my goal #, but it's a good start, all things considered. Phew.

Myths, folklore, and symbolism
Beech tree: In antiquity it was sacred to Hades and Cybele; today it is still considered to be a plant of the dead and also a symbol of immortality, since it always remains green. As a leathery, hard plant, it also denotes endurance and steadfastness; hence its wood was used as the symbolic hammer of the Freemasons. (Herder)

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  1. 1430 is pretty good, considering you didn't have a lot of time today. I'm going to try for 2000, just because I know it will be hard to write on the weekend.