Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Woo hoo! I just completed my registration for WisCon 32! This will be my first time at WisCon, and I'm muy excited. So, for the next couple of years, I've got some great cons to attend!

WisCon 32 (May, Madison WI)
Women's National Book Association Annual Meeting (June, SF)

Historical Novel Society (TBD date, location)
World Fantasy Convention (November 5-8, San Jose - woo!)

Do you know of any other great conferences I should look into? I'm skipping San Francisco Writers, Jack London, and East of Eden. They're just no longer useful for me.


  1. It's definitely tempting. If only plane tickets weren't $350 a pop now! I need to start thinking about what I want to do in 2008.

  2. The dates for the San Jose WFC are November 5-8 - see web site. (And yes, we are taking memberships.)

  3. Heather - I know. Well, if you can't do WisCon in 2008, save your pennies so we can do HNS in 2009 -- and so you can come see me in San Jose in 2009 for World Fantasy! I'll buy you burritos!

    Cheryl - Thank you SO much. I hadn't seen the website yet, going there right now (and editing my original post)!

  4. Those all sound really interesting. You will have to fill us all in with details of your experiences.

    I've never been to a writing conference before (many IT conferences, though). Maybe some day.

  5. You know, I've been to a few, and I find the ones that are more specific (i.e., Historical Novel Society) are much better. The more general ones are so focused on Getting Published! and Finding An Agent! that they take all the fun out of writing. Plus, with the more specific ones, you're geeking out with like-minded people on topics of interest.

    Which IT conferences have you gone to? That was part of my job back at my old company - doing trade shows and conferences. I've been to more Citrix iForums and Comdexes than I care to think about :)

  6. Julie - I've been to more exclusive ones rather than the huge Comdex ones. There was a nice one at Disney for a software company called Cognos, one for a magazine called Advisor (Access and Visual Basic development) and a few Higher Education ones since I work IT at a University.