Thursday, December 13, 2007

Special podcast: interview and reading THE MIDNIGHT SON on KFJC

Special podcast: THE MIDNIGHT SON on KFJC.

So, every year after NaNo, Ann Arbor at KJFC (89.7 FM in the Bay Area) has writers come in and read during her Unbedtime Stories segment. Yesterday, I read a bit from THE MIDNIGHT SON, as well as had a nice chat with Ann before and after I did the reading. It was a BLAST! I had a great time and felt really comfortable on-air (despite how nervous I was before I got there). I felt lots of good vibes from my friends (particularly Heather!) who listened to the stream online, and really had a good time with it.

Ann asked me to bring in a CD with a music bed, so I thought I'd share that info with you here.
1. First and Last Waltz - Nickel Creek
2. Allison at the Stoplight - World Trade Center soundtrack
3. Pastures New - Nickel Creek
4. You Deserve Flowers - Chris Thile
5. Appalachian Waltz - Mark O'Connor
6. Short Trip Home - Edgar Meyer

I'll be posting the whole thing on my website, and probably splitting out the interviews from the reading into separate files as well.

Last, I must emphasize that the broadcast and this recording are copyright KFJC.


  1. heather5:27 AM

    so. cool.

  2. strugglingwriter7:07 AM

    That is sooo cool. I'm going to listen to it now. I bet you are really excited, I would be.


  3. Heather: Power!

    Paul: Thanks! I have to say, I'm STOKED. It was tons of fun.

  4. I'm going to listen too.

    That sounds like so much fun. I admire how you continue down your path, Julie K.!

    P.S. hope you'll keep us all posted on writers events happening in the Bay Area...

  5. Aw, thanks! Jeez, I had so much fun. If you have stuff to read, Ann is always looking for readers on her show. As I hear of events, I'll definitely post them here!