Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sometimes, in between dreams of taking a test in a class I didn't know I was supposed to attend, or flying in airplanes low over the landscape (that one happens all the time), I have very cinematic dreams that have nothing to do with me (at least overtly).

I had one of those movie-like dreams the other morning. I woke up with my mind racing, despite the fact that it was 4:30. The imagery was so complete, so saturated with color and sound - I could hear the horses' hooves pounding over the grassy hills. It was like I was presented with the basic plot for another novel.

Now I need to finish this NaNo novel, and maybe start working on the dream novel while I let the NaNo novel percolate. I'm afraid Oleanna is going to have to hold on again.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you get story ideas handed to you in your dreams?


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Julie - I so wish my dreams were this vivid. My dreams seem like a fog, a thin veil over everything. If I have a really good dream, I always ruin it for myself during the dream by telling myself "it's only a dream".

    On the plus side, I rarely have nightmares and even when I do they aren't very intense.

  2. My dreams are that vivid, but they're always about mundane things. It's always my real life, and even if surreal/supernatural things happen, they're within the context of real life. Boring.

  3. Paul - I'll bet if you started writing your dreams down, you'd remember them in more detail and color.

    Heather - Yeah, mine are usually about my life too. That's why this one was so striking.