Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Myths, folklore, and symbolism
nymphs: In ancient Greece young and beautiful female spirits who were believed to inhabit certain classes of natural objects. For instance the Nereids, daughters of Nereus, the old man of the sea, were the nymphs of the Aegean; among them were Galatea and Thetis. Naiads were the nymphs of fresh water: see Alpheus and Arethusa, and Hylas. Both Jupiter and Bacchus were nurtured in their infancy by the nymphs of mountains and grottoes (Oreads). The chaste companions of Diana are loosely called nymphs. Armed with bows, arrows, and quivers, they go hunting with their mistress, or bathe with her in secluded woodland pools. They are frequently harassed by the lecherous satyrs. As guardians of chastity the nymphs punished Cupid by breaking his weapons. The goddess Calypso was attended by nymphs. (Hall)

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