Friday, January 18, 2008


Myths, symbolism, and folklore
Sophia: A philosophical concept, associated with scholarship, mastery, skill, and devices. Complete sophia was attainable only by the gods; a human could only strive for it, aspiring to be a philosophos ("lover of wisdom") - a view that seems to originate with Pythagoras. In the later doctrines of the Gnostics, the Pistis Sophia was revered as a person and a divinity of symbolic origin; in Christianity, as divine wisdom (Hagia Sophia), human wisdom being a mere symbolic reflection of the divine. Among Christian saintly legends we find that of St. Sophia (Latin Sapientia), the mother of (the three theological virtues) Faith (Fides), Hope (Spes), and Charity (Caritas), who are said to have been martyred under the Emperor Hadrian (AD 117-138). (Biedermann)

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