Monday, February 25, 2008

Exciting News: New Podcast

Do you have to listen to music when you write? Do you always wonder what songs authors associate with their stories? Do you create soundtracks for your own stories?

Well, then! Have I got a podcast for you :) On March 4, I'll be launching the Writers & Soundtracks Podcast.

Featuring writers as diverse as Darin Bradley, Lauren Dane, Sylvia Dickey-Smith, Catherynne Valente, The Struggling Writer, Megan Hart, and Ekaterina Sedia, the Writers & Soundtracks Podcast will include interviews with authors about music and writing, as well as their playlists/soundtracks AND samples from these songs. I'm having a blast putting them together, so I hope it's as fun to listen to!

So, look for the first podcast on March 4.