Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Myths, folklore, and symbolism
Pine: In antiquity, Pinus was the designation for all cone-bearing trees. In a narrower sense the pine is a fertility symbol (probably because of its constant production of new cones). The Scotch pine is a conifer of the northern temperate zone. As an evergreen tree and because of its incorruptible resin, it is a symbol in China and Japan of immortality; in Japan, moreover, as a tree that endures wind and weather, it symbolizes vital energy and the personality the masters the difficulties of life unharmed. The pine cone (and sometimes the cone of the Aleppo pine, the resin of which preserves wine) crowned the thyrsus staff of Dionysus and his retinue. In Christian symbolism it is closely associated with the tree of life, whose crown it forms in many representations. (Herder)

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