Friday, October 31, 2008

Attributes of the saints

Myths, folklore, and symbolism
Attributes of the saints: They are objects or symbols that characterize a specific saint or assigned to a specific category of saints. (General attributes of saints, for example, would be the scroll or book for the apostles or church patriarchs, the palm branch for martyrs.) Attributes of individual saints derive from the life, martyrdom, or legends of the saints. (Herder)

Arrow: Sebastian; Ursula

Beehive: Ambrose; Bernard of Clairvaux

Anchor: NicholasCloak: Martin of ToursLion Jerome, Mark
Angel: Matthew the EvangelistCross: Andreas; Bridget; Helena; John the BaptistMitre: bishops and abbots
Dove: Gregory the GreatOrgan: Cecilia
Axe: Boniface; JosophatDragon: George; Margaret; MichaelPalm: martyrs
Baby Jesus: Antony of Padua; ChristopherEagle: John the EvangelistShip: Adelheid; Nicholas; Ursula
Gridiron: LaurenceSnake: John the Evangelist
Book: apostles, evangelists, church patriarchs; Teresa of AvilaHeart: Augustine; Bridget; Francis de Sales; Teresa of AvilaStag (with cross in antlers): Eustachius; Hubert
Bread: Elizabeth of Thuringen; NicholasLamb: Agnes; John the BaptistSteer: Luke
Cardinal's hat: church patriarchsLance: George; Thomas the ApostleSword: martyrs
Chalice: Barbara; John the Evangelist; Norbert; Thomas AquinasTongs: Agatha
Tower: Barbara
Wheel: Catherine of Alexandria

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