Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Myths, folklore, & symbolism
Lake (pond): The lake is interpreted graphically as the earth's open eye. It is sometimes considered to be the dwelling place of subterranean beings, fairies, nymphs, and water spirits, who entice humans in order to draw them into the subterranean realms. In dream imagery the lake is symbolic of the feminine or of the unconscious. (Herder)

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  1. Julie,
    My friend Cindy Pavlinac spoke at my writers club last month about the power of place and this is how our newsletter editor summed up her talk about lakes:

    Lake – The Mirror

    Lakes shimmer and afford an opportunity to refresh and cleanse. Lakes reveal the true self, reflecting honesty from within. Swimming provides a place suspended between earth and sky. Lakes are the looking glasses that often attract poets. Think of the Lake District in England.

    Just thought I'd throw that into the mix.