Monday, October 20, 2008

That's weird.

I'm not an academic (I work as a communications manager in high tech), so it's always weird to find out that universities and authors use my M.A. projects in their classes, websites, and books. I was part of a very small group of folks (I think it was seven) who went through the innovative English/American Studies program at UVA in the mid-90s. We were, I think, the first program to put projects - and our MA theses - online. This was back in the days when Yahoo! was new, when we had to code by hand. Man, that makes me feel old. You kids get off my lawn!

Anyway, it's just odd to find out that my work has been quoted in a book or used in a university course. I'm looking forward to the day that my fiction is quoted and used as well, LOL!


  1. u are srs academic! \o/

  2. That's the thing - I am so not! But it's kinda cool to see these projects suddenly out of the mists of time.