Friday, November 14, 2008


Myths, folklore, and symbolism
Eye: As the primary organ of sense perception, it is closely associated with light, the sun, and spirit. It symbolizes spiritual and mental perception, but it is lso - as the "mirror" of the soul - the organ of spiritual and mental expression. The right eye is sometimes associated with activity, the future, and the sun; the left with passivity, the past, and the moon. Buddhism speaks of the third eye as symbol of inner vision.

In antiquity the eye frequently was a symbol of the sun deity. In Egypt a common amulet was the so-called udjat eye, the hawk eye of the sky god Horus, resting on a crosier; the eye symbolizes the broad view and omniscience, and the staff the power of the ruler. The amulet was supposed to bestow invulnerability and eternal fertility.

In the Bible the eye is a symbol of the omniscience, vigilance, and the protective omnipresence of God. In Christian art an eye surrounded by sun rays signifies God. In Christian art an eye surrounded by sun rays signifies God; an eye in the hand of God signifies God's creative wisdom; an eye in a triangle signifies God the Father in the Trinity. Eyes on the wings of the cherubim and seraphim refer to their penetrating ability to recognize and know. Since ancient times, apotropaic [having the power to prevent evil or bad luck] powers have been attributed to representations of the eye. (Herder)

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