Friday, November 07, 2008


Myths, folklore, & symbolism
Honey: Often associated with milk, it represents sweetness, gentleness, or the highest earthly or heavenly good, and hence the condition of perfect bliss (e.g., of Nirvana). As a substantial, nutritious food, it also symbolizes vital energy and immortality.

In China, honey was closely associated symbolically with the earth and the midpoint or center; hence there always had to be some honey among the dishes served to the emperor. In antiquity, honey was considered to be a mysticl food because, among other reasons, it was extracted by an innocent insect from innocen blossoms, which were touched but not destroyed. Honey symbolized spiritual insight, knowledge, and dedication, as well as calmness and peace.

There are isolated instances of initiation rites in which it was customary to wash the hands not only with water but first with honey, since honey was valued for its medicinal properties and was thought to provide internal cleansing. Because of its golden yellow color, honey was sometimes associated with the sun. According to Jung, honey represents the self (the maturational goal of the individuation process). (Herder)

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