Friday, May 01, 2009


Myths, folklore & symbolism
May: Oddly, though the literary associations of this month are with blossoming love, and its customs are all joyous, several widespread superstitions count it unlucky. Cats born in May are useless and should be drowned at birth; 'May-babies, like May kittens, are said to be weakly and unlikely to thrive'; the broom brings death; boys born in May are particularly cruel to animals. Most often mentioned is the idea that May marriages will prove unhappy. The belief is undoubtedly ancient, as Ovid mentions it; its first known airing in English, in Poor Robin's Almanack for 1675, treats it as already proverbial..." (Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore)

So, what customs and traditions do you know about for May?

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  1. my sister's birthday, brother's wedding anniversary and a baby's coming for him and the SIL...

    that's always been May for me... :)))