Monday, October 05, 2009

Important revised FTC guidelines for book bloggers

Via Publisher's Lunch, revised FTC guidelines for reviewers

"In other words, bloggers as well as 'reviewers' posting to sites like Amazon and LibraryThing who are writing about a book after receiving a free reviewer's copy are expected to disclose that information. And publishers who 'sponsor these endorsers (either by providing free products - directly or through a middleman - or otherwise) in order to generate positive word of mouth and spur sales should establish procedures to advise endorsers that they should make the necessary disclosures and to monitor the conduct of those endorsers.'"

It's not clear what the consequences are if you don't disclose.

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  1. I saw a blip about this on AP News this morning, and honestly, it made no sense. I can understand disclosing monetary compensation, but ARCs? Amazon reviews? Really? I'd like to see how they intend to enforce something like this.