Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ONoWriMo Week 2

As promised, an update on my ONoWriMo '09 progress.

And in the best tradition of, "Hey - what's that? Look over there!" I'm going to talk about the music I'm listening to.

I can't write to music with lyrics, at all. I'm too easily distracted and I get pulled into that stream instead of the one I'm supposed to be flowing (in? on? with?). I also can't listen to anything that has particular associations - for example, I tried to listen to the LOTR soundtracks while writing, but scenes from the movie and the books just keep popping into my head. Awesome stuff, but that story's already been written. And that reminds me, on a side note: I would have loved to have seen the Bombadil chapters filmed, and I would *love* to know what Howard Shore would do with that.

Anyway. I've been setting the ONoWriMo stage with a couple of pieces from the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack, but I can't get too far in, because again, I think about the movie (and for you haters out there: the director's cut is pretty damn good, check it out). So I used the Genius thingiemabob in the iTunes store, and since I enjoy Mediaeval Baebes, it suggested some lute music composed by Dowland, and it is absolutely perfect. It's lovely and interesting, but I can easily put it to the background so I can focus on writing. That is, when I can actually write. And when I can't? Well, it's nice music to listen to while chewing your nails.

OK. I'm about 7K words in. Remember last week how I said I'm OK writing without an outline? It's all good until the characters stop talking to you. So. Yeah. How 'bout that lute music, eh?


  1. Oh, Kingdom of Heaven. *love*

    Can you do music that has "lyrics" you can't understand, like Enya or Dead Can Dance? That way the voice(s) are another instrument instead of a distraction. I really like Adiemus - I think you'd like them too. (I'm having a brain freeze and can't remember if I've ever recced them to you or not.)

  2. I've tried, but it just doesn't work. I really wanted to listen to some of my world music but I just keep getting distracted.