Monday, December 27, 2010

Myths, Folklore & Symbolism: Pine


"...The pine is also an emblem of courage, resolution and good luck - the tree of the Shinto New Year. As the fir, it is similarly propitious in Nordic tradition, sacred to Odin (Wodan), and the centre of the Yuletide rites that led to its adoption as the Christmas tree. Its general symbolism in the West was linked to agricultural fertility, particularly in the Roman spring rebirth rites of Cybele and Attis (represented by a pine wound around with wool). The pine was sacred also to the Greek gods Zeus (Jupiter) and Dionysos (Bacchus), whose emblem is the thyrus (rod) tipped with a pine cone. The cone itself is a phallic and flame symbol of masculine generative force. Surmounting a column (and sometimes mistaken for a pineapple), it was an emblem of the Mesopotamian hero god Marduk." (Tresidder)

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