Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Guest Post: R.L. Jean on Historical Research

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This week, we get Rima's take on historical research.

The truth is, I'm not sure I have any tips or tricks for historical research. That is, other than "Wikipedia." I kid not when I say Wikipedia is a great starting point for any research. Note I said "starting point." It can lead you to some of the best resources on your chosen subject, no question.

The Internet as a whole is a great starting point for research. Once again, I say "starting point" because I just don't think there's any replacing getting elbow-deep in books. Another irreplaceable source: People. While writing The Noble Pirates, I contacted many experts on the subject I was researching -- historians, journalists, curators, and historical re-enactors. In this day and age, contacting key people on your subject is made easy with Twitter and personal blogs and Facebook.

I suppose the single most important tip I can offer on the subject is this: Remember, you are, after all, writing fiction. If you can't find a particular detail about a particular article of clothing, it's okay to make it up. I found myself struggling to put away the history books (and blogs) and just get carried away in the story. If you're a historian at heart, this can be downright painful (I MUST find out what material was used for the buckles of the shoes! I MUST!!) but can and should be done for the sake of the story. Don't lose the forest for the trees, folks.

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