Monday, February 07, 2011

Myths, Folklore & Symbolism: Ganesha


"The elephant-headed Hindu god, the offspring of the goddess Pavarti, the wife of Shiva. Once she had married Shiva, Pavarti desired a child to guard her from unwelcome visitors. As she bathed she created Ganesha from the rubbings of her own body and set him to watch the entrance to her chambers. When he tried to refuse entry to Shiva himself, the god angrily decapitated him. Pavarti insisted that her son be revived, so Shiva replaced Ganesha's head with that of an elephant. He then put Ganesha in charge of the ganas, his goblin-like attendants.

"Ganesha was well-known for overcoming all obstacles and his name is traditionally invoked before the start of any enterprise. Hence his alternative title of Vighneshvara ('Lord of Obstacles')." (Tresidder)

"Ganesh Jayanti is the birthday or Jayanthi of Lord Ganesha observed on Magha Shukla Paksha Chaturthi, the fourth day in the month of Magha especially in Maharashtra, some parts of Karnataka and Goa. Ganesh Jayanti 2011 date is February 7."


  1. Yup, you're very right! I'm honoured that you posted about this ^_^ INDIAN PRIDE!I just love these posts, these "Myths, Folklore and Symbolism" posts ^_^ Thanks Julie!

  2. Hi Kirthi - it's been a while! I'm so glad you liked this post :)