Monday, February 21, 2011

Myths, Folklore & Symbolism: Plum


"In East Asia a favorite symbol for a maiden's early youth, because the plum blossom (Chinese mei-hua) appears even before the tree is covered with leaves. The erotic association is seen lso in the expression 'plum blossom blanket' for the coverlet on the bridal be. The five-leafed plum blossom symbolized the five gods of happiness of ancient China, as well as a specific oracle, together, the plum, Scots pine, and bamboo trees were called the 'three friends of the cold season.'

" northern Germany, 'when plums are ripe for Pentecost' is comparable to the English 'cold day in August.'

"The ancient Greek word for the plum (coccymelon) literally meant 'cuckoo apple.'" (Biedermann)

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