Friday, August 19, 2011

Author Chat at LibraryThing

I've been having such a great time answering reader questions over at LibraryThing this week. The chat will be open through Sunday the 21st, so stop on by!


  1. What a great review! I'm rereading Pilgrim Glass right now, such a wonderful story... :)))

  2. I unfortunately just missed the chat, but was glad I got to read it after it was done.

    One of the things about Jonas... when you were answering questions about what motivates him, and that being art - I totally agree. And I always imagined that with his abuse as a child, he was turning glass from a dangerous, physically hurtful thing, into a beautiful work of art! He wasn't going to let glass be a negative in his life, as it had been used against him. Rather, he saw what glass really could be used for and gave it a whole new life meaning.


  3. Denise, I freaking love your interpretation. To be completely honest, I had never made that (conscious) connection before. I love this, so much.