Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Violets, Lemon Blossoms, and Books

SaraWen Perfume Art creates gorgeous scents based on literature and history, including Cleopatra, Sherlock Holmes, and The Hunger Games. And my own Oleanna!

Her description of the fragrance is spot-on:
"Violets, lemon blossom, and rich wood notes hover over the freshness of deep lakes and vast oceans. A light touch of earthy patchouli rounds out this feminine floral and woodsy blend. Outdoorsy, yet elegant!"
It smells absolutely divine in the (roller-top) bottle and on the skin. You know you'd love to try a sample of this scent for yourself!

How, you may ask? Simple.
  1. Read Oleanna

  2. Between now and March 31, leave a review at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, or LibraryThing (or all of the above, if you're so inclined; note that leaving reviews on multiple sites does not increase your chances of winning, but it does get you my undying affection)

  3. Email to let me know you've left the review, and provide me with your email address (which I will not sell or share)

  4. Get an extra entry if you Tweet that you've reviewed Oleanna (follow me @juliekrose)

  5. Winners will be announced on April 2. 


    1. WOW! That's amazing: to have a perfume especially for your novel? Wicked :) I'll be sure to put aside time for this!

    2. Right? It's quite thrilling, I must say. Good to hear from you, by the way!