Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Historical Novel Society Reviews Oleanna: Recommended!

Every quarter, the Historical Novel Society reviews the latest in historical fiction, both traditionally and independently published.

Andrea Connell, who is a long-time Historical Novels Review editor, now heads up the HNS' indie reviews. The August reviews have been posted, and she has reviewed Oleanna quite positively:
I was touched by this book, by it’s very poignant starkness. As I wrote in a twitter feed: “Oleanna: a gentle tale with quiet depth, atmospherically stark yet richly detailed like the culture and people of Norge herself. Beautiful.” The prose was simple yet expressive; no fancy writing gimmicks or extraneous details, but every word was carefully chosen.
Andrea's expanded remarks, and the link to the HNS review, can be found at her blog, The Queen's Quill Review.


  1. Oh Julie, a great review! Congrats on such a fabulous novel and notices... :)

  2. This book sounds really fascinating. Inspired by one of your great-great aunts? Sounds like my kind of book!

    1. It's quite wonderful -- beautiful and moving!

  3. @Anna Ta, love!

    @Kay Thank you! It was truly a labor of love.