Tuesday, October 02, 2012

In Praise of Pinterest (no, really)

I was quite skeptical of Pinterest at first. Like Tumblr, I didn't really get it at the beginning, and I was very hesitant to add yet another social media site to my daily rounds. But I have to admit, it's really grown on me.

The Oleanna board is a collection of images related to all things Norway and historical, providing a visual overview of a time and place. It's a fun way to share early 20th century Norway with my readers, and I love being able to keep my images in such an easy way (rather than a folder on my computer or an unending scroll of bookmarks).

I've got a board for The Pilgrim Glass (focusing on Vézelay, stained glass, and Mary Magdalene), and I'm also using Pinterest to collect images for WIPs and ideas for future stories.

Plus, it's fun (and inspiring) to see what other people I'm connected with are collecting: Unabridged Chick's book reviews, Sandra Gulland's images of France, Yves Fey's beautiful art, Heather Webb's fabulous fashion, to name just a few.

Admittedly, there's some weird stuff on Pinterest (and so hilarious to see scores of pins about weight loss right next to another score on super sugary fatty recipes) but if you pick your spots, it's a pretty great tool and a pretty great way to connect.


  1. I love Pinterest. I've been using it to plan room re-decorating!

  2. Nice! Pinterest totally befuddled me at first, but I really dig it now!