Friday, March 22, 2013

Stuart MacAllister, indies review editor for the Historical Novels Review, and proprietor of the historical fiction blog Sir Read-A-Lot, has posted a lovely review of Oleanna. Here is a snippet:
Julie Rose is a talented writer who deserves a wider audience. Oleanna is based in part on a distant relative and her character is crafted with care and intelligence. There is a great deal of deep thinking and emotional turmoil weaved through the main plot and the story will stay with with you long after you have finished the book.  I would urge my male followers to read "Oleanna", even if they would initially dismiss it as a novel aimed at the female market, because the writing is exceptional and proves that independent writers are equally as good, if not better, than those in mainstream publishing.
He has also kindly let me ramble answers to his excellent interview questions and is hosting an international giveaway of Oleanna through March 31!

Thank you, Stuart! What a grand time I've had at your blog!


  1. Yeah!! What a lovely write-up. Off to check out the interview...

  2. You truly are a talented writer, Julie. Here's to more success and an everflowing river of creativity at your fingertips. *cheers*