Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"So evocative that it verges on poetic." #OleannaVirtualTour visits Let Them Read Books

The last stop of the Oleanna virtual tour brings us to Let Them Read Books, where Jenny has some really lovely things to say!

"It's not often you'll hear me complain that a book is too short, but in this case, I liked it so much that I wanted more...Oleanna is more than enough to carry the story on her own, the setting is fresh and inspiring, and the love story is both tender and tumultuous. I was also very impressed with Ms. Rose's ability to write honestly and naturally and yet so evocatively that it verges on poetic. And her author's note at the end cinched it for me with an old letter that brought tears to my eyes, a sweet homage to the natural magic of the land that had such a hold on Oleanna. Oleanna was a very different read for me, and very satisfying, and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a change of pace in historical fiction.
She's also hosting an international giveaway, which ends on April 19.

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I see you are the same writer that produced a ?paper? On the World's Fair of 1893. Unfortunately you live in CA and I in Illinois. I am a librarian who books speakers for my library's evening program series and I am looking for a speaker on the 1893 event. money to bring you here. But: it appears you wrote that paper while @ Univ of Virginia ( my sister lives in Charlottesville) and I just have to ask: How did you come to choose the 1893 Fair for a thesis? Especially when you were in VA? just really curious. Judy Grove, MALS, Ed.D.

    1. Hi Judy! Yep, I'm the same person. I'll email you directly!

  2. I've read Oleanna and while it has not gripped me as much as I really wanted it to, it is a brilliantly written book, evocative, and somewhat haunting to me. When it ended, it felt like I was watching the sunset fade away, the warmth lingering on my skin, before welcoming the cool moonlit sky.

    1. Thanks, Dee! What a wonderful comment and image!