Monday, October 28, 2013

Writing Serendipities and Inside the Writers' Study

Stephanie Renee dos Santos, along with the Historical Novel Society, has hosted a series of writers' stories on serendipity and writing. According to Stephanie,
What I hope people can take away from the series is a better understanding that these serendipitous moments are not isolated incidents amongst historical novelists, that they are quite common. And that the stories demonstrate that we live in an intrinsically connected universe. I believe often writers are given and somehow linked to material to transcribe into books and that certain writers are chosen to tell certain tales.
I was so pleased to contribute a story recently about the many serendipities and synchronicities I experienced with my novel Oleanna.

Donna Russo Morin was kind enough to host me as part of her fantastic Inside the Writers' Study series. Based, according to Donna, "on James Lipton’s questions used on Inside the Actors Studio, based on the Bernard Pivot questions used on Apostrophes, based on the Proust Questionnaire-whew!" The questions were so fun to answer and I'm so grateful to Donna for the opportunity!

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