Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The World of Oleanna: Setting the Scene Part 2 Jølster

There's no two ways about it: Norway is incredibly beautiful, and incredibly impressive. Unsurprisingly, the landscape plays an important role in the events in Oleanna. Below is a selection of images of the Jølster area, not significantly changed (save a lake-ringing highway) from 1905.

Fjell i Jølster (Mountains in Jølster) by Njål_N, on Flickr

Spring by lake Jølster, Norway by Manualman, on Flickr

Old house in Jølster by Njål_N, on Flickr

Myklebost, Jølster by Goffen on Flickr.

Mountain Cottage by Jorill&Paul on Flickr.

Have these photos whetted your appetite? Check out the Jølster Flickr group!

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