Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You've all probably already seen this, but I found it amusing: via MakingLight - the Gender Genie!

Based on an algorithm ("typical" male or female words used), it claims to predict the gender of an author by their work. You paste 500+ words of your work into this tool/game/thing and voila!

Of course, I couldn't resist, and the results were hi-larious.

THE PILGRIM GLASS - male [male protagonist]
THE MIDNIGHT SON - male [male protagonist]
My Oleanna novel-in-progress - female [female protagonist]
Short story (Humility) - female [female protagonist]
Short story (Raven Girl) - male [female protagonist]
Short story (The Valley) - male [male protagonist]

I'll have to dig more deeply into what they consider "female" vs. "male" words. But, according to the Genie, I'm a guy. Huh. Guess I'd better tell Craig.

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