Saturday, August 25, 2007

Myths, symbols & folklore
The language of flowers, part six:

Poppy: "Your sleepy, phlegmatic temperament will let no more meaningful emotions emerge from your heart."; also, "Why are you so tired?"
Rose (red): "This is the pledge of love and fidelity"; also, "As you are in bloom, let me rest on your bosom"
Rose (white): "Its pale petals signify to you the joy of love eternal and pure, for it lacks all earthly glow"
Rose (yellow): "The color of this flower reminds me of the jealous gaze of your eye"
Rose petal (red): "Yes!"
Rose petal (white): "No!"
Rosebud (with thorns: "Love, hopeful, with the doubts of uncertainty"
Rushes: "Add this basket to the one you have already received"
Snapdragon: "Your wanton mischief will be avenged upon you bitterly"
Snowdrop: "Be glad of the present and future, and grant the memory of a melancholy past no place in your heart"; also, "Purity of heart shines forth in your gaze"

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