Friday, August 24, 2007

Myths, symbols & folklore
The language of flowers, part five:

Mullein (yellow): "Take courage. Fortune yet will bloom for you"
Myrtle-shoot: "It is ever green, for the wreaths that true love weaves never wilt"
Narcissus (yellow): Your being, flirtatious, enraptured, is like thi beautiful flower, which arises proudly, only to sink its head in yearning"; also, "Frightful! Would you destroy me completely?"
Nasturtium: "How shall I suffer, when the prospect of seeing you no longer fills my spirit with joyful hope!"
Oak leaves: "The crown of morality and virtue"
Oleander: "In you jealousy and pomp reign, for nature gave you not a warm feeling heart but only outer beauty"
Onion flower: "You an win my love if you show me the tender respect that a gentleman must feel for a feminine creature"
Passionflower: "Your bitter pain will be transfigured in the afterlife by the crown of eternal bliss"
Peony: "Your pride is unbearable"
Peppermint: "Of false hearts, like yours, I can find a surfeit"; also, "Why make so much fuss over trifles?"

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