Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Myths, symbolism, and folklore

"Design found in Norway on a piece of tapestry from the Viking era."

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  1. Do you know anything more about the symbol's meaning? Just curious what it might mean...

  2. Let's see...according to, it's part of Group 27 though those groupings are by design and not meaning.

    According to the entry for this one, it was found with two other symbols, one of which was thought to have religious meaning.

    What do you think it might mean?

  3. I went to but it was super informative about that particular symbol. lol

    I have no idea what it might mean, but I guess I could come up with something...maybe something to do with "safe home" or "well balanced life" because there is nice symmetry to it. :o)

    I was reading Greek myths to my 11 yr old son at night, but we recently finished that book and are now reading Eygptian and Norse myths. It's been a lot of fun!