Saturday, April 18, 2009

PW Review

Part of the deal with being a quarterfinalist in the ABNA contest is you get a Publisher's Weekly review. I'm really pleased with mine.

From Publishers Weekly
Combining religious and secular elements, history with mystery, and plenty of internal conflict, this agreeably suspenseful story centers on the Romanesque Basilica of St. Mary Magdelene in the quaint French village of Vezelay, once a major medieval pilgrimage site. Eight hundred years later, Abbot Michel Dubay has uncovered a jewel-like stained glass depiction of Mary Magdelene, which must be repaired in time for the millennial celebrations for her feast day just weeks away. Jonas Flycatcher, an expert in stained glass repair but as damaged as the medieval artifact, embodies the oft-merited stereotype of an earthy, foul-mouthed American in contrast to the elegant French Abbot and retired medieval academic Marie-Laure. Meanwhile, Meredith, a US expatriate with plenty of mental scars of her own, has returned to the town and remains guiltily immersed in her past, heightened by strange unrecognizable visions. All four suffer the revelations of a beautiful woman whose connection to the glass forces them to face their demons. Throughout the manuscript, a consistent smattering of French and vivid descriptions of the architecture heighten the authenticity of the setting and together with the fast pace creates a highly enjoyable French mystery.

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