Monday, August 15, 2011

Myths, Folklore & Symbolism: Thunder

Thunder "Like lightning, it is in many cultures the expression and symbol of divine power and hence is also an attribute of the highest divinities. For ancient Germanic tribes, thunder arose when Donar threw his hammer. In the Bible it is the voice, especially the angry voice, of God. The Celts interpreted thunder as the expression of cosmic disturbance that evoked the anger of the elements; additionally they saw in it a punishment of the gods. In Siberia and North America there is an idea of a mythic bird that produces thunder with the beating of its wings; it may appear as a wild goose or duck, as an iron bird, or as an eagle. For the Chinese, thunder arose when a heavenly dragon moved. Sometimes (e.g., in some Indian cultures) a one-legged thunder god occurs. Thunder gods frequently have smiths as helpers who forge such things as lightning, hammers, and clubs for them." (Herder)

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